Mac's Drive-In Visits the
White Turkey Drive-In
Conneaut, OH
In August 2003, I took a road trip to one of the few remaining original Richardson's Root Beer
stands left, the White Turkey Drive-In in Conneaut, Ohio. The stand is about five miles west of
the Ohio-Pennsylvania state line on US Route 20.

For our regulars at Mac's, the White Turkey looks exactly like what Mac's USED to look like
when we were down the road toward Waterloo from 1961 to 1966.

I spent about two hours visiting with the owners, Gary and Peg Tuttle. They told me how they
started, how they've developed over the years and showed me around the place a little. They do
a fantastic business here in Ohio... if you ever come west during the summer, hop off of
Interstate 90 and stop in for one of their famous (and delicious) turkey sandwiches! Of course,
chase it down with a cold mug of Richardson's Root Beer!

I'm not going to give away a lot, because you really need to visit the White Turkey to truly
appreciate a time when these types of stands were very popular. Some of the differences
between us and them (and you can notice some of them in the pictures) include:

-- A smaller counter... but then again, this is still the original counter, too... about 2/3 the length
of our at Mac's.

-- Regulars at Mac's know that we describe our building as the "World's Biggest Kitchen"... I
think the White Turkey qualifies as the "World's Smallest"!! ** No offense, Gary and Peg, but
that IS a small kitchen (and they admitted it, too)... but, it is a very efficient kitchen!! (Hey, you
work with what you got, right?)

-- If you're REALLY thirsty, try one of their "Super Shuper" floats... even my eyes couldn't
believe it! It's a QUART of root beer in this really nice frosted goblet! Definitely NOT for the
faint of heart!

-- Every winter they process enough turkey for their sandwiches, to last them their entire season
(from Mother's Day to Labor Day). In 2003, they processed
7,000 pounds of turkey!! (In
2006, they processed
8,000 pounds for that season)

For more information about the White Turkey Drive-In (their history, their menu, and more),
visit their website at (this link is on our
Links page).
Sidenote 1 -- The above two photos were taken when Colleen, Russ, Mary and I took a day trip
to White Turkey on Monday, August 2, 2004... another great visit with our friends in Ohio!  In
the photo to the right, Russ is holding up one of the White Turkey's "Super Shuper" floats...
and yes, he DID finish it
Sidenote 2 -- Good to see Peg and Gary again on Monday, August 9, 2005... I timed it right
that day while Gary was out in the barn chopping onions! As always, good to see our White
Turkey friends in Ohio!  CT
Sidenote 3 -- I brought Scott, Karen and her kids out on
Monday, August 28, 2006 for the annual visit... great to see
you again, Gary and Peg! Scott polished off a "Super
Shuper"... I could only muster a large float this time! Come
out and see us next season!!  CT