You can click on any of the pictures for a larger view...
A photo of the west side in
black and white... this photo
was featured in a vintage car
magazine in the '80s.
The lady standing in between
Gerald and Cathy is a special
person in Mac's history... this is
Juanita Rizzeri Deuel, the first
carhop ever hired at Mac's! She
stopped in before we closed for
the '06 season.
An aerial shot of the Mac's
Drive-In "campus"... we
believe this was about
1994 or so.
It's as close to live
entertainment as
you'll get... just
watch us on a
busy night!
Why not stop for a root
beer after you get married?
Russ and Colleen did just
that in June '06!
Getting ready to
close it up for
another night
out front...
We may not have a catchy,
specialized birthday tune,
but we'll still sing to you!
We get a lot of great
visitors... this is a high
school girls' basketball
team from Albany.
Getting treated to lunch... the
2009 "Top Scholars" from
Geneva's North St.
Elementary School.
The "original" Mac's
Drive-In, located more
toward Waterloo then.
I had to time this picture
just right, as this is the only
way to get a picture of
These nice folks came from
New Jersey to visit...
apparantly we were
featured in their local paper!
A panoramic view of
Ramp 1... another good
mid-week evening.
What was
that? You
root beer on
Ramp 1?
I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures of these classic cars
parked out front... that's how I got the new picture on the main page.