Our Favorite and Recommended Links
The "Little Big Brother" of Mac's, one of the few remaining original
Richardson's Root Beer stands... check out the detail of our visits
HERE, or click on the button above to go to their website.
Mac's has been a sponsor of the Oaks Corners Fire
Department's Annual Golf Tournament since 2003.
Featured with us in 2003 in "Destination Drive-Ins" (see the Articles
page), check out this popular eatery in Oswego, NY.
David Green and the #27 -- Ravenswood Winery Race Team stopped
by Mac's and gave us a "raving" endorsement! Check
THIS out...
Some websites that Mac's Drive-In is featured on:
"Roadside Peek" A website devoted to roadside architecture, neon signs and
other "Road Trip Americana"... Plenty of pictures of roadside eateries, including
several root beer stands.

"Roadside Architecture"
Debra Jane Seltzer has visited a LOT of roadside eateries through her travels with
her beautiful obstacle-course-participating dogs... She has stopped by Mac's a
couple of times, and we've had the honor to meet her...

FingerLakes1.com Photos Bill Davis took a beautiful picture of Mac's just
before we closed for the 2004 season... he is one of the Finger Lakes' most artistic
photographers. Take a look at his personal website at

"Road Trip USA"
Jamie Jensen wrote a book about the routine and unusual sights and spots along
some of America's major routes, including US Route 20 through New York State.
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A very active group of Corvette enthusiasts, they make Mac's
Drive-In an annual trip!
YNN Rochester's own Mike O'Brian, "The Getaway Guy", makes
sure Mac's is one of his stops on his many trips through New York
and beyond... he's even featured us on many of his TV spots!