"It's part of what makes
                  us famous..."
What makes Mac's Drive-In so special and nostalgic is not
just because of the '50s and '60s look and feel of the local
"burger joint", but that so many traditions and mementos
have endured throughout the years. Many little items
continue to make customers come back year after year...
some the customers see, others not.

Without question, the most recognizable detail of Mac's is a
tall frosted mug of Richardson's root beer. Ask anyone who's
been here, the first thing that comes to mind is the root beer.
Mac's is one of the very few eateries left to make root beer
using one part root beer syrup and five parts carbonated
water. The root beer barrel on the front counter still pours
out root beer, ever since 1961. The Richardson's Root Beer
sign on top of the front section has been restored and
according to sources at Richardson's Foods, is one of the few
left in existence. One of Mac's traditions every year is the
free root beer offered during opening day.
Imagine this... the full bucket of fresh cut fries you see above to the left has about 150
pounds of fries, ready to be cooked up. On opening day of the 2015 season (our 55th),
we set an all-time record in the French fry department, as we

processed and served                                   
pounds of french fries... that's over 10 full
buckets, and
30 50-pound bags of potatoes... IN ONE DAY!!
Another feature of Mac's that continues to draw crowds is the fresh French fries.
Since 1961, the French fries have been made on premises from real potatoes, peeled
and chopped by hand here. They are
never frozen, giving them full flavor and
consistency for Mac's customers. On average, we will go through 300 pounds of
French fries per day, around 400-500 pounds on weekend days!
"Someone call Guinness Book of Records... and our
potato supplier... WE BROKE OUR OWN RECORD!"